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Welcome to Jerome Lee's Website

As so many have asked me about having a website, I wanted to provide a place where folks could find me and see what I’m up to these days. 2021 celebrates the sixteenth consecutive year that A Bassic Life has been online. So please feel free to browse to your heart’s content.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to all of you who have been supporting my works. Music is shared around our world, and I’m glad that I can share my music with you!



  My single song titled "First Peace After The Rain" has been selected and published on January 8, 2021 as a Top 10 Single of 2020 by The Ark of Music! I am grateful and honored by this selection!


  I have released a new single song in March 2019 titled "First Peace After The Rain" now available at Amazon Music! 
 “First Peace After The Rain” is a mid to up tempo vocal song that reminds us of the peace that we feel after heavy rains fall in our lives both literally and figuratively. During the rains challenging issues and thoughts can come to mind and we realize that we that have the power to turn negative thoughts into positive ones. When one is outdoors and the heavy rain stops, even the animals are quiet for a few very peaceful moments. This song’s intent and spirit is to reflect upon how the rain will always cease and how there is peace for us after the rain falls.

  I have released a new single song in January 2018 titled “October’s Groove” that is now available at Amazon Music! “October’s Groove” is an up tempo instrumental single that celebrates the vibrant month of October in our lives. The autumn months of September, November, and December all have their own groove; their own tempo in the pulse of our being. October has a groove all its own, with millions of people celebrating in festivals around the world that identify with this special transitory month. Enjoy this special groove inspired by the month of October any time during the year whenever you listen.    

I have released a new single song in January 2016 titled "Song For My Family" that is now available at Amazon Music! 
 We all come from family, each and every one of us. Our immediate family members are often close to us, and we keep them near and dear. And there are others who, while not immediate family members to us, show us love and caring throughout our lives as though they were immediate family members.
“Song for My Family” is a celebration of family, and is a song for all of our families. Let us keep family as a foundation of our lives, and allow the love that we receive from family to keep us filled with a joyful, loving spirit to share with each other.


I released a new single song in October 2015 titled "The Suits" and is now available at Amazon Music!
This single was a couple of years in the making, and it is my first release in a decade. I want to thank the musicians who helped me during the recording process, and to friends and family who loaned me their ears during the pre-release days. I am excited to release this new music for all to hear and enjoy, visit the Amazon Music link to find out more.


I am proud to announce that there has been a press release published in 2013 about my professional audio work courtesy of the great staff at Countryman Associates. My sincere thanks go out to Chris Countryman of Countryman Associates for his caring and kindness to make all of this happen. There are links to this press release on the Home page and the Links page of this website.


For those who are visiting my website for the first time, I welcome you. To purchase music that I have published, please visit the Streaming/Buy Links page of this website and click on the photo links provided there for you. Do enjoy yourself while you are here, and come back and see me at your leisure...

Thanks For Visiting!


Jerome Lee


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