Jerome Lee - A Bassic Life
Jerome Lee - A Bassic Life
Jerome Lee - A Bassic Life
Jerome Lee - A Bassic Life

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Tomas Alvin
Tom Borton
Trish N' Tom - TN'T at
Sonny Griffin
Curtis Knight
Just Alliance
John Goforth
Phil "Fang" Volk from the original Paul Revere and the Raiders
Jackie Lee "Waukeen" Cochran
Spikes Miller "No Major Biggie"
Kathleen "Katwoman" Siskron
Steve Geller
Marco Toro
Daniel Kloza
Niki Buzz
Dragan Sutic Photography located in Las Vegas, Nevada
Bridget Canfield photos at 200Pockets Photography

Services For Help With Your Audio And Music Needs  -

Hillbilly Amplifiers built by Robert Garland
The Bradley Music Rule
Audio Engineering Guru Bobby Owsinski's Music Production Blog
Jordan Electric Violins custom built by John Jordan
String Emporium - The Upright Bass Specialist
Sommer Cable
ROLI - New MIDI Keyboard Controllers
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